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This Just In: Giant Inflatables Allowed In Houston!

Every city has legislation and ordinances that sometimes do not have businesses’ best interests at heart. In 2010, the city of Houston, Texas passed a new ordinance banning so-called “attention-getting devices” – a major bummer for businesses who are struggling to attract foot traffic and drive-by traffic to their storefront in order to increase sales. Read More→

Same Store Sales

How to increase RETAILER’s #1 Metric? SAME STORE SALES… a not so obvious answer!

You hear it everyday in retail. Same store sales are down!!! Read More→

What Combination of Outdoor Advertising Tools Do I Need for My Event?

You’re having a big event, and it needs to be HUGE! Grand Opening? Seasonal Sale? Product Launch? New Member Special? There are certain tools that will help draw people to your event better than any other advertising effort.

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This discussion has to start with a conversation about marketing in general. In general when we talk about “Combination Marketing”, we are recognizing that successful retailers will be knowledgeable about several advertising and marketing approaches and most will use a “Combination” of the several approaches to leverage their budget and reach their target audience. Read More→

My storefront is hard to see from the road. What can I do?

AGH!!! My storefront is hard to see from the road!!!!!

Worse yet, I’m a retail business and I depend on all the drive by traffic to find my locations. So what are my options to get some customers into my store?

Three Solutions – You won’t like the first solution but you’ll love the last! Read More→

5 Ideas for your Grand Opening

Memorial Day is coming and there will be Memorial Day Sales everywhere. So take advantage of the “SALES PROMOTION” environment. Even if you have been opened for a short while you can still have a Grand Opening event.

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Digital vs. Outdoor Advertising

There’s no denying that consumers are spending a lot of time online these days. Today when you’re online there is no escape from the bombardment of pop-up ads, in-timeline ads, and even your friends incessantly posting multi-level marketing bids – so consumers have begun training themselves to ignore this contact barrage of annoying online ads. In fact, there are now 198 million active adblock users — and counting — around the world, according to anti-adblocking solutions provider PageFair. Ad blocking technology causes quite a ding in publishers’ revenues. This is why out-of-home advertising is still so important and very much alive as a successful means to create awareness of a specific business or campaign.

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Searchlights – Do They Have a Place in Advertising?

Maybe you’ve seen them:  A bright beam of light tracking through the night sky.  Is it a searchlight?  A spotlight? The Bat Signal?  I have childhood memories of sitting in the back seat of our car on the way home from dinner, and seeing a beam of light in the distance.  I remember the curiosity I felt, wondering where they were coming from and why. Read More→

Flying High for Memorial Day and 4th of July

MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Can you believe it’s May already?! As we are entering the beginning of May, it’s time to start thinking ahead about your business’s promotions for Memorial Day and the 4th of July. 

Memorial and Independence Days are historically HUGE shopping weekends, and as of today we are cutting it close to custom design or reserve the advertising materials needed to produce historic sales.

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Wind Dancers and Air Dancers and Wacky Dancing Inflatables…. Oh My!

by Dave Key, President and Cheif Attention Getter

Well the Wizard of Oz had Lions and Tigers and Bears but if you want to attract a crowd quickly, easily, and inexpensively, one of the best ways is with the use of these constantly dancing wind tubes, flapping their arms and in the air, smiling and just daring you to LOOK OVER HERE for a great sales opportunity.

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