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Stay Open During A Renovation

Tips on how to keep sales up during a commercial renovation!

So you have a successful business and have decided to renovate your building.  The first question you ask yourself is, “Should I stay open during the renovation period?”.  Most businesses do not have the luxury of closing up shop for the weeks or months it may take to complete a remodel.  As long as you can maintain the quality of your products and services during the renovation without it being costlier than temporarily closing, then staying open is a viable option. 

The challenge then becomes combating the perception that you are closed due to the exposure of construction equipment, unfinished surfaces, and maybe the removal of previous signage.

To maintain sales and revenue, it is crucial to increase the visibility of your location to potential customers and make it clear that you are open for business.  Here are a few ways to attract customers during your renovation.

  1. If, during the remodel, your signage has been removed or your building looks closed, then temporary signage is a MUST.  A giant inflatable advertising balloon installed on the roof is a great way to get your message out there.  Custom banners that attach to the inflatable could include your company name and logo.  Even a simple “WE ARE OPEN” message informs passing motorist and potential customers that your business is not closed.

  2. Utilize other promotional products such as pennants streamers, banners, or flags to detract attention away from the construction blight while simultaneously peaking the interest of those who pass.  Onsite temporary signage and visual marketing is an inexpensive way to stand out.

  3. Promote a “Construction Reduction Sale” or offer discounts during the renovation.  Everyone loves a sale. Going through a renovation might be one of the best times to offer great deals to your customers. 

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