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How Do I Increase my Sales with Custom Inflatables?

These days, retailers are doing everything possible to attract attention to their business. In a challenging economy combined with a lot of visual noise, retailers have to stand out in any way they can. One way successful retailers are finding to drive customer traffic is with the use of a giant custom inflatable that can be used for sales, promotions and grand openings. These giant custom inflatables are a novelty and stand out amongst traditional outdoor visible marketing.

  • Use an inflatable that reflects your brand
Retailers get the most out of their giant custom inflatables when they make an inflatable that is reflective of their brand and tie it to a promotion they are running.  One recent example is when McDonald’s used a giant Ronald McDonald inflatable balloon to promote their 24-hour breakfast. The Ronald McDonald figure is familiar to many people and allowed McDonald’s to call attention to their 24-hour breakfast with the clever use of a 24-hour breakfast banner on their custom inflatable.
  • Make a custom inflatable that is easy to install
When making a giant custom inflatable, it’s also important to make a size that is giant but not so large that it is difficult to install and maintain. If the inflatable is too small, it will be ineffective. If it is too large, it will be a challenge to install, cumbersome and it won’t get used as often as it should. Retailers should find a quality custom inflatable manufacturer who has years of design and production experience and can guide them in their ideal giant custom inflatable balloon.
In summary, giant custom inflatables can help to bring attention to a retailer’s business, drive customer traffic and increase sales. While recognizing this, retailers need to have a custom inflatable that represents their brand well and is of the correct sizing and quality.

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