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Four Must-Have Elements of Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is one of the most effective advertising efforts a business can use to attract attention and therefore increase sales. Including as many of the following four aspects will promise a high ROI on your visual marketing efforts!


Motion – Movement is proven to immediately attract the eye. Implementing movement in your advertising works wonders for potential customers who are driving or walking by your storefront. Great examples of successful motion-based marketing tools are Advertising Flags, Wind Dancers (inflatable waving-arm men), and Pennants.

Light  – Fireworks! Spotlights! Christmas lights! There is little more that excites people like bright lights. Harness this excitement in your advertising with searchlight spotlights and LED signs.

ColorMultiple scientific studies have proven that certain colors, specifically red, yellow, and orange, are the first colors that the eye is attracted to in the visual hierarchy. Use this info to consider the design of your logo and advertising collateral items.

Size – Big is BOLD! Take control of the majority share of what is in your potential customers’ line of sight with impressively sized advertising tools. Bigger is better in advertising!


By Elizabeth Pritchett, Digital Marketing Manager


As a marketing leader, are you looking to increase sales at your store locations? Find out how to attract the millions of commuters that drive by your store ever day.