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Advertising: Why Mess With Thousands of Years of Success?

When it comes to the multi-billion dollar business of advertising, business owners have so many choices today that it can feel like you’re drowning in your media spend. 

TV advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, online advertising, social media advertising, mobile ads, OH MY! With new online advertising mediums there are even more options to consider. Many business owners are dabbling in said new media options but are not seeing the return they intended or are blindly spending advertising dollars on campaigns they don’t fully understand. Read More→

NEM Saves Hurricane Harvey Refugee Puppy

Last month this poor puppy wandered into our warehouse at NEM and was clearly a malnourished and beat up Hurricane Harvey refugee. He certainly landed on all four paws as an NEM team member immediately decided to save this sweet sick boy and take him into their family. Read More→

Raving Reviews for NEM!

Last week we received some great feedback from a few of our current customers! The proof is in the reviews: outdoor advertising WORKS! Check out these awesome comments: Read More→

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. You can let people in your community know that you support this cause by adding line of sight attention-getting tools to your storefront, and at NEM we will offer a 10% discount on any PINK banners, flags, or inflatables purchased or rented for the month of October. Read More→

NEM Employees Contribute to Harvey Rebuild

It has been a humbling experience to witness the aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey in our hometown of Houston. We are so grateful and fortunate that our own Houston-based employees are safe and have been able to volunteer these past few weeks to help their neighbors.

As employees, we weren’t able to reach the office and warehouse by car during the week after the storm, so we were encouraged to spend our time volunteering to help neighbors and shelters under duress. What a touching and uplifting experience this became! Former strangers came together to help neighbors and became friends under these unfortunate circumstances. Read More→

NEM Relief Efforts: #HoustonStrong During Hurricane Harvey Flooding

Our hearts and prayers continue to be with those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in our hometown of Houston and all around the Gulf Coast.

We are so grateful and fortunate that our own Houston-based employees are safe and have been able to volunteer this week to help their neighbors.  Read More→

This Just In: Giant Inflatables Allowed In Houston!

Every city has legislation and ordinances that sometimes do not have businesses’ best interests at heart. In 2010, the city of Houston, Texas passed a new ordinance banning so-called “attention-getting devices” – a major bummer for businesses who are struggling to attract foot traffic and drive-by traffic to their storefront in order to increase sales. Read More→

Same Store Sales

How to increase RETAILER’s #1 Metric? SAME STORE SALES… a not so obvious answer!

You hear it everyday in retail. Same store sales are down!!! Read More→

What Combination of Outdoor Advertising Tools Do I Need for My Event?

You’re having a big event, and it needs to be HUGE! Grand Opening? Seasonal Sale? Product Launch? New Member Special? There are certain tools that will help draw people to your event better than any other advertising effort.

Read More→



This discussion has to start with a conversation about marketing in general. In general when we talk about “Combination Marketing”, we are recognizing that successful retailers will be knowledgeable about several advertising and marketing approaches and most will use a “Combination” of the several approaches to leverage their budget and reach their target audience. Read More→

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